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A Few Good Flicks

1.A Clockwork Orange
3.Ma Vie En Rose
4.Jeux D’enfants
5.Don Juan De Marco
6.le Fabuleux Destin D’amelie Poulain
7.Natural Born Killers
9.Cet Obscur Objet de Désir
10.Lost in Translation
11.Fight Club
13.The Jacket
14.The Machinist
15.The Pillow Book
16.V for Vendetta
17.King Kong (The Remake)
18.Lánnée Derniére à Marienbad
20.The Dreamers
21.The Pianist
22.In the Mood for Love
23.Chungking Express
24.Picnic at Hanging Rock
25.Edward Scissorshands
26.The Red Violin
29.Howl’s Moving Castle
30.The Cat Returns
31.The Company
33.The Phantom of the Opera
34.Finding Neverland
35.What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
36.The Man Who Cried
37.Quills (by Luna’id Theatre)
38.Grave of the Fireflies
39.Final Fantasy VI: Advent Children
40.Pirates of the Carribeans: Curse of the Black Pearl
41.Ice Age 1,2,3
42.Children of God
43.Apocalypse Redux
44.Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow
45.Hitler: The Rise of Evil
46.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
47.Secret Window
48.Donnie Brasco
49.Ed Wood
50.The Ninth Gate
51.Sleepy Hollow
52.Prozac Nation
53.Girl with the Pearl Earring
54.Sin City
55.Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
56.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
57.Repulsion (by Roman Polawski)
58.Dr Strangelove: How I Stopped Worrying and loved the Bomb
59.The Libertines
60.The Lake House
61.Taxi Driver
62.The Unbearable Lightness of Being
63.Pan’s Labyrinth
64.Big Bang Love Juvenile A: 46
65.Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
66.Little Miss Sunshine
67.L’age D’or
68.The Red Ballooon
69.Velvet Gold Mine
70.Happy Together
71.Azur et Asmar
72.Lust, Caution
73.My Blueberry Nights
74.Amores y Perros
75.The Lives of Others
76.Porco Rosso
78.Good Will Hunting
79.Kill Bill
80.One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
81.The Professional Leon
82. Shawshank Redemption
83.12 Angry Men
84.Benny and Joon
85.The Usual Suspects
86.Donnie Darko
87.The Triplets of Belleville
88.No One to Watch Over Me
89.Blood Diamond
90.The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes
92.The Lives of Others
93.Pulp Fiction
94.In Bruges
95.The Science of Sleep
96.Into the Wild
97.Sky Crawlers
98.K-20: Legend of the Mask
99.The Informant!
100. The Mechanicals
101.Verrouillage Central
102. Sherlock Holmes
103. Where the Wild Things Are
104. Hot Summer Days
105. 12 Monkeys
106. Cheeni Kum
107. Inception
108. Big Bang Theory
109. Man of the Earth
110. Iron Man
111. Deconstructing Harry
112. Dial M for Murder
113. Midnight in Paris
114. Shanghai
115. Valkyrie
116. Scarface
117. Caché
118. Riffifi
119. Farewell my Concubine
120. The Red Shoes
121. Talented Mr Ripley
122. Clouds of Sils Maria
123. Pickpocket
124. Monsieur Hire
125. Westworld
126. A Cat in Paris