Cut Crease

brown-n-smoky dramatic-purple-shadow-and-liner droopy-eyes-make-up 021311-dianna-agron-400 SAM_0348 blue-cut-crease cut crease 1358774760photo cut-crease-for-asiansmall-double-lids 207447126556639174_QMmcLI2i_c urban-decay-naked-2-palette-rock-show-cut-crease-tutorial 1078753535441730134yQTXBEgc Smokey-pin-up-makeup cat-eye-makeup2-590x416 45bc5db47a9faa592f01586875b85bbc 08d3482bf4b2b7e7a8c4a6ec267b631b_zps3c807deb 8235290896_a766ccaa70_n tumblr_ljh5r8ttYD1qiirvpo1_500 8235290694_8cf6fd5a0e_n 164311086375075755_piann2wp_c tumblr_me28q2RY0S1r73oymo1_500 tumblr_mflj9oIJ6x1qe1ovwo1_500 PhotoGrid_1358615113069_wm tumblr_lx0x4205yX1qh5pxko1_500 tumblr_m37jqtltGc1r5dqyfo1_500 vogue-italia-february-2013-steven-meisel-fei-fei-sun-111

(Credit: I do not in any way pass these photos off as my own; they are from search engines and Tumblr, Spoonful of Quirkiness)

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