The Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball

Entering Rooms, a Grammar and Method: Upon coming to a threshold one should always consider the possibility that there may be something hostile awaiting one within. Also there may be some pleasure, which, with its sudden and implacable onset of joy, may disarm one even more than the deepest hostility. Sometimes one must be more careful of being seen in happiness than in grief or anger. A great deal may be told from the expression of a happy man or woman. In any case, one must be prepare for the worst, and ready. Therefore, pause a moment before passing through a door; unless, of course, one is being watched on the outside, or one’s approach to the door is being timed, as in a situation when one is buzzed through an exterior door. In that case, one does not have the leisure to pause, for that pause would in turn be noted and interpreted in a variety of ways, some of which would be harmful. Therefore, perhaps we should say, make a mental pause, a sort of inner unveiling of precaution. It should last barely a second, and immediately preface the entering of the room in question.

– Since in a net i seek to hold the wind.

– Another man sat in the corner facing the corner with a sadness of corners and places of ending that Selah could not look long upon.

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