WORD: Emotional Reboot

“A man grows most tired while standing still.”–Chinese proverb

It’s becoming a year of zero me-time, or a year of not having the energy for me-time. Slowly inching towards not having time/energy to devote to my partner too.

I’m just constantly tired, even if I sleep. No sleep seems to be enough now – not 8 hours, not 10..not 12.

Yes, sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy. And my chest feels tight and I find it difficult to breathe or I forget to. I find myself taking shallow breaths.

I wish I could nap, but something always stops me; guilt or some other emotion.

{The god-forsaken television!}

Time just flies by. I cannot mention this enough. Mid-November came and went for me. I didn’t even stop to admire the mathematical beauty of 11/11/11.


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