Does Uncertainty & Death Faze Me?

I realise that the only plausible excuse I have for uploading pictures of all the things I’ve bought so far is that it can be used as some sort of cataloguing library because I can’t remember everything I’ve bought, and sometimes, where I’ve put them. A photo of it always helps when you’ve lost a particular item and you want your partner to look for it with you.

No, what am I talking about? I’m actually reluctant to admit that I’ve joined the bandwagon of bloggers that share their ‘hauls’ (oh god, yeah, I know how juvenile that word sounds!) with the rest of the world. That, or, as the History channel states, ‘An accumulation or parading of one’s worldly possessions is a mark of the innate fear that all human beings share of the unknown and death. Humans surround themselves with things – the more, the better – as if one’s belongings will form a shield against whatever that is causing this insecurity or guard oneself against attacks from civilisation/society.’

It is most probably because of that, only do I not realise it. Oh well. Here they are anyway:

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