Hansel and Gretel

As we get older we lose so many words along the way. We drop them from our vocabulary like stones, glad we can be rid of the burden of using them, though some come back like a trail of breadcrumbs and lead us back to where we first started out.

Where have all these forbidden words gone? Will they ever come back to me? Forgotten because they are disused, lost because they were hastily discarded.

I miss my unruly words, my vagrant children of the stepps.

  1. Written or spoken, words are continuously propelling us through life. They have the ability to lift us up, drag us down, wound us deeply or heal our hearts. Words have the power to break confidences, build lifelong alliances or start wars.
    Words can make or break us, both as individuals and as a society. What have you been saying lately?

    The words you speak can have a profound effect on the people they reach. Are you encouraging or discouraging? Are you building up your friend or even the stranger you’re passing on the street? Or are you tearing down the people around you with words of criticism, bitterness and judgment? Are you causing the destruction of your self-esteem by speaking ill-suited words over yourself, your health and prosperity?
    The power of life and death is in the tongue, to be sure.

    If your tongue is a rudder, where is it leading you to?

    Be well..

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