You Don’t Love Me Yet by Jonatham Lethem

Astronaut food: …stuff in little packets that you keep lying on the shelf. Everyone has some lying around. The people you imagine you might be with but you know you will never be. The people who if you’re in a couple but you’re a little bored or restless you meet them for coffee a lot and the other half of your couple isn’t really thrilled about it. Or if you’re single, they’re the people you’re keeping on a mental list just so you don’t feel like there aren’t any possibilities. Friends who are almost more than friends but really, they’re just friends. Astronaut food, bomb shelter provisions. If you were ever going to have anything with them it would’ve happened already. Sometimes you even fall into bed with them, but it doesn’t count for much. It’s always a mistake to try and get any nourishment out of that stuff. But not a big mistake. That’s the beautiful part, how the stakes are so low.

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