Hopeful Monsters by Nicolas Mosley

Reality is not a metaphor we construct from mathematics: mathematics is one of our metaphors for reality. If we try to put knowledge on this level into words, are we not back in the trap of language?

Humans are containers to be put on a bonfire? Right! But why should not the message they carry be: What infinite care has been taken to make them such beautiful containers!

It is persons, containers, after all, that either live or die.

The care not might be to develop a sense to do with the appreciation of chance.

It is difficult to write about love: I mean to live in the presence of it. You can run towards it and perhaps bump into it and you can watch it running away: but when it is there it is like two people coming face to face on a tightrope; they have to keep moving or they will fall; they would like to pass into, through, one another; at moments this is possible! But then it is not. How much more easy it is, more natural, to be like a leaf and live and fall.

Truth is what occurs: the telling of it can make it something different – truth is protected by masks: it can be sensed in the recognition of this –

To exist there has to be a code: messages bring things into existence.

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