A Map of Misreading by Harold Bloom

Saussure: sign – signified (concept)

– signifier( sound-image)

meaning has become a spatial metaphor for presence, a kind of constant self-pinching and asking if we’re really awake. But if you pinch too hard, you leave a bruise, a mark, a mark that might be construed as a gesture, and any gesture is quite simply that, but it occupies space and so must have a meaning and any meaning is just what we’ve said it is and oh, what a circle, what a circle, what a circle.

Staring at the door that has just been closed by the priest; I wondered if there was no inside and outseide to the spirit of being, no body and soul, no opposite side to any orientation, but that we were Möbius strips, our topologies defined by the fact that we can never get around them to the other side, but are always there, both on the other side and staring at it confusedly, longingly, with much apprehension and eagerness.

…I learned that nothing comes full circle, but stretches out like a line, extending indefinitely toward some ideal terminal point that is necessarily only a point, just like I am only a point on the line. But am I insignificant? no. the point is whole, the point is complete, but the line…the line is everything.

The line is everything.

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