Beer-Blasted Eggs with Cheese

Ingredients (Serves 2)

4 medium-sized eggs

80g of Cheddar cheese (you can use processed Cheddar cheese slices, which would amount to 4 slices – reduce if too much cheese makes you sick!)

Half a can of beer at room temp.

1 tsp chicken stock (powdered, or liquid)

Chilli flakes

A dash of Tabasco sauce, to taste


A pinch of paprika powder

Capsicums, finely cubed

Chopped garlic, etc.

(Feel free to add your own ingredients to spice up this recipe! Although this recipe is amazing enough on its own, it is a good accompaniment to bread toasted or fresh.)


1.Pre-heat pan.

2.Beat eggs and beer.

3.Add dash of Tabasco and chicken stock and stir again.

4.Pour egg mixture into pan.

5.Add Cheddar cheese in while eggs are half-cooked and mix well.

6.At medium heat, stir-fry eggs till it is firm, well-cooked and flaky.

7.Sprinkle chilli flakes and mix eggs well after turning off fire.

8.Serve hot.

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