Either/Or by Soren Kierkegaard

What is to come? What does the future hold? I don’t know, I have no idea. When from a fixed point a spider plunges sown as is its nature, it sees always before it an empty space in which it cannot find a footing however much it flounders. That is how it is with me: always an empty space before me, what drives me on is a result that lies behind me. This is life back to front and terrible, unendurable.

I haven’t noticed; my eyes have had enough and I am weary of everything yet I hunger.

I divide my time thus: half the time I sleep, the other half I dream. When I sleep I never dream; that would be a pity, for sleeping is the height of genius.

Pleasure disappoints, not possibility.

Dusk moths

precisely because sensuality is posited under the category of harmony, however, it is not posited as a principle but as an assonant enclitic. (an enclitic is typically an unaccented word that can modify the accent of a word that follows.)

remorse has a holiness which obscures the aesthetic.

We look for a thing where we ought not to look for it; and worse, we find it where we ought not to find it.

The eye with which one looks at reality must constantly change.

Les grandes passions sont solitaires, et les transporter au désert, c’est rendre á leur empire. -Chateaubriand

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