You’ll Never Know Her

you found her in your sleep, in your screams

in the amazing wreckage of your dreams

you carried her to safety

to the shade beneath the trees

and sent a prayer to heaven

fell down onto your knees

you said she’d stay with you awhile

you’ll write her name across the miles

but the clocks have all stopped moving

each insect wheel and arm

and the sands of time have blown away

blinding others with their charm

you’ll scream at all who’ll hear you

how such beauty came to harm

and you’ll never know her laughter

her voice her touch her lips

as she falls apart before you

beneath your fingertips

never know, you’ll never know

never never know her

her skin peels away in pages

of tiny printed words

that scatter on the wind like flocks

of tiny printed words

the pages came too fast

you lose them to the wind

catching words like love and heat

and dreams coming to an end

and you’ll never know

never never know her

never know what you lost

and never ever hold her.

never ever hold her.

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