October 2008

When you’re Older: [28th.October 2008]
1. You get stark raving mad less often.
2. You brush your teeth lesser.
3. You think more.
4. You procrastinate more.
5. You try to reason with yourself more.
6. You get sad and melancholy a lot more.
7. You talk less about significant things.
8. You drink more coffee.
9. You fall into weird emotional states that, to quote Fitzgerald, are ‘unfamiliar yet recognisable’.
10. You keep more to yourself.
11. You want to work lesser.
12. You’re more forgetful.
13. You have to think more because you inevitably have more responsibilities.
14. You think about/believe lesser in religion.
15. You hope – hopelessly – more.
16. You realize you understand lesser and lesser.
17. You become more self-absorbed and you care lesser about what people think of you, or you think lesser about them, if at all.
18. You realize you can’t fall in love and can instead only fall in lust.
19. Friends matter less, like they mattered a whole lot more five years ago.
20. You have lesser reasons to exercise.
21. You get more comfortable with the body you are in.
22. You get more distant from your siblings, and sometimes you don’t realise it.
23. You cry lesser.
24. You hate your parents lesser.
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