August 2005

…Like to think that he puts on that face for me. Like to think that he wants me. Like to fantasise that he feels the same way I do, which is very unlikely. Like to think that he wanted to find me, search me out of that crowd. Like to think that his words are loaded, to disarm me. Like to think many things separate us, bit still our lines cross…
~20th. August 2005

Through a Perspective Funnel

I can feel the velocity

Of falling

For you.

I know I will hit the ground soon.

You will not be there to catch me.

A stone falls from the sky.

It does not break.
~20th. August 2005

You stare like a cat stares at a pointed finger. That is only because I am the finger.
~26th. August 2005

I have to deep-fist my pockets to keep from touching you. My blood vessels become live wires, crackling and crazy.

Rapunzel is a crazy bitch who locked herself up with the witch’s key and swallowed it, and masturbates in the room all day, conjuring up polluted poems.
~27th. August 2005

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