April 2003


I’m just sitting here
Like an empty wineglass
Aching for you to pour some good wine in
And drink
To drown yourself in the heady draught
I want to
Feel your lips
As you touch them to the brim
Would you brood over me
So, I too, can
Silently contemplate your face
To watch the shadows of emotion in your eyes
And to know your fingers intimately;
Every callus and groove
Wrapped around
The flute of my heart.
Then you set me down,
Leaving me to lose my chill
As the roll down my sides
In crystal-clear tears
My cold guardedness slipping down
And pooling at my feet.
~2 April 2003

She Used to Say, ‘Walls have Ears’
These new walls look aged beyond their years
Hairline cracks running like veins across the surface
Of living breathing walls
How they held me when he pushed me
My breath coming out in a rush of stars as I fell –
They let me fall
A thrown chair; a chip in the wall
They must have felt the pain too
For they threw my screams back and forth between them;
They helped my cries fall as they jumped out of the windows
At night they keep my tears contained
They let sounds in but none out when I am
Talking or laughing with him
Listening, absorbing
Giving away no secrets
If walls could talk
Canyon-wide, time-deep
A cavernous mouth yawning across the years.
~10 April 2003
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