The Rebel by Albert Camus

Up to this point he has, at least, kept quiet and, in despair, has accepted a condition to which he submits even though he considers it unjust. To keep quiet is to allow yourself to believe that you have no opinions, that you want nothing, and in certain cases it amounts to really wanting. Despair, like Absurdism, prefers to consider everything in general and nothing in particular. Silence expresses this attitude very satisfactorily.

To possess what one is going to kill, to copulate with suffering – those are the moments of freedom towards which the entire organisation of Sade’s castles is oriented. But from the moment when sexual crime destroys the object of desire, it also destroys desire which exists only at the precise moment of destruction. Sade leaves the reader with a paradoxical memory of a hideous chastity.

The scaffold for me would be the throne of voluptuousness.

Sade created a fable in order to give himself the illusion of existing.

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