Excerpts from Driving Blind by Ad Wilkinson and Richard James McCann

We have been flirting with dangerous ideas for years. At some point, we’d have to put those ideas into practice. (photograph of a motel)

Waking time becomes an unfamiliar construct, interrupted by cyclical need. But at night, released from time and distance, your dreams fill up with the strangeness you’ve been suppressing all day, or taunt you with images of lost familiarity. (photograph of a neon ‘EXIT’ sign)

A feeling that I’d walked through a wall and found myself on the other side, unable to return. A disappropriate sense of loss; a loss that owed little or nothing to nostalgia. More a sense of energy expended in an effort to live badly. (a photograph of a wide stretch of calm sea)

That restlessness was always there. A kind of motion sickness. But being in motion was the only cure. Home was a place I didn’t trust anymore. It was unstable.

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